12 Facts About Red Carpet Fashion (part 1)

By | April 8, 2020

Not as flashy and beautiful as the outsider thinks, the costumes appearing on the red carpet contain many secrets of the brand and celebrities.

  1. Only dresses can appear on red carpet fashion

The most beautiful prom dresses will be hidden just for the event. Even if not required. Those dresses were selected to appear on the red carpet, and only the red carpet. The unwritten rule of red carpet fashion is to not allow costumes that have been worn before, even on the catwalk, to appear again.

  1. The Stylist will prepare 30 dresses for one event

Eric McNeal, stylist of singer Rita Ora, said he often prepared many costumes in advance. This number is sometimes up to 30 dishes. You will never know how the star will feel. So you have to make many choices.

  1. 99% of costumes in red carpet fashion are borrowed

Before every major event, the stylist lists a range of brands they deem appropriate. They then send emails about the event and designs they want to borrow. The answer will be yes or no. If rejected, the brand will give the reason that someone wears it.

  1. Each brand has a priority customer list

To ensure public image, every fashion house has a list of celebrities they are always willing to lend. When the stylist contacts the PR staff, they will quickly get a nod if the celebrity is on the list. The next job is to go through the collections and choose the right designs.

In the opposite case, the brand representative will apologize and refuse. In certain cases, they will discuss and consider before making a final decision.

5. Celebrities don’t wear their underwear

Not only wearing clothes, the stylists even bring celebrities to the celebrity. That is part of the contract. Sometimes evening dresses are highly detailed, open back or transparent. It’s time to resort to special breast pads or underwear that only a stylist can earn.

6. Do not wear clothes purchased separately

On the red carpet of the Golden Globe in 2014, singer Hayden Panettiere wore a Tom Ford dress bought by herself. Action on causing a stir public opinion. Although designer Tom Ford has kindly complimented, rumors of being rejected when borrowing things still spread quickly, causing her to suffer. According to stylist Annie Ladino, it’s normal for them to borrow things and get rejected. On such occasions, they must try to borrow from another fashion house. Absolutely do not let celebrities buy off their favorite outfit.