12 Facts About Red Carpet Fashion (part 2)

By | June 29, 2020
  1. It can take up to 4 hours just to change clothes for red carpet fashion

Even if it only appeared for an instant, every celebrity had to keep the perfect image. The time they try on clothes with the stylist can last from an hour to a few hours. It also depends on the relationship and the chemistry when working between the two sides.

  1. It takes 4 hours for hair and makeup

Usually, this number only stops at 2 hours. But in special events or special requests from costumes, makeup can last up to 4 hours.

  1. A bodyguard is included in each outfit of more than US $ 1 million

Sometimes there are celebrity clothing sets that cost between 1 and 2 million US dollars. Meanwhile, the company will send bodyguards accompany. To ensure safety, sometimes bodyguards still accompany A-class stars to the red carpet.

  1. Clothes don’t always fit

Because it’s borrowed from big brands, the outfits don’t always fit. Therefore, every stylist has an affair with an ingenious tailor to edit costumes. In times of urgency, measures of pins or tape are in place to make sure the outfit is always close to the sexy body.

  1. The stylist often accompanies celebrities on the red carpet

If you see someone in a full black suit standing behind the star, the chances are that the stylist. They stand there just in case celebrities need to lift their skirts, fix their skirts, or handle any problems with red carpet fashion.

Because it is impossible to predict what will happen, every stylist must carry a kit with a lot of miscellaneous items such as rolled clothes, chest pads, needles, paper clips …

  1. Limo is the most important thing

Talking about the red carpet is about celebrities, gorgeous costumes and expensive limos. Therefore, besides costumes and makeup, the stylist must also hire a limo. All for the moment of getting off and appearing in front of the crowd in the most perfect manner