4 stylish Eastern dressings with scarves

By | December 19, 2020

The cold season has arrived, and a scarf is an item that both keeps your body warm and can help elevate your outfit. Let us take a look at 4 stylish combinations of winter clothes and classic shawls and coats.

Scarves have many functions if their owners know how to take advantage of them and understand the following basic arrangements.

How to coordinate suit with shawl
Shawl with suit is a classic remix for sartorial style on cold days. The thing to keep in mind when matching a scarf is the elimination of knotting the scarf over the neck and letting the suit jacket act as a fixation, and letting the inner layers like a shirt show.

However, if using a long towel, fold it in half and wrap it around the neck. In terms of color and pattern, you can choose a scarf that contrasts with the clothes if you want to look really outstanding. On the contrary, when it is necessary to have a somewhat subtle overall look, a scarf in sync with the outfit is the right decision.

How to mix scarves with jeans and leather jackets
One of the most classic winter styles is the leather jacket combo, jeans, and scarf. This is a perfect time to take advantage of the knot of the scarf to make your outfit more fancy when the “base layer” is just a simple t-shirt or something light.

This will add more thickness to the scarf and make it more noticeable. You just need to put the scarf over your neck or you can try extremely simple knotting, just fold the towel in half, cover it from the nape of the neck forward, then pull the ends of the scarf over the loop. This knot can be easily adjusted and tucked into a jacket for added warmth.
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Shawl and bomber jacket and long coat
A shawl with a long jacket or a bomber is an unreasonable combination for winter streetwear.

However, remember to choose two items with certain contrasts in colors and patterns to make the outfit more diverse and attractive. They are very effective in adding depth to the overall look when the colors of the items are not too contrasty.

Coordinate shawls with hoodie, cardigan, safari jacket …
A small scarf will make an outfit with a hoodie, safari jacket or cardigan look cooler. Choose a scarf with a different tone or pattern from the overall outfit to create an accent, but it must be compatible with other accessories such as glasses, hats … to create harmony in the outfit.