Be Your Best Fashionista with the Instagirls Dress up Game Series

By | February 10, 2020

Are you a fan of the phenomenal Instagram application? Loving to taking all those pretty photos and sharing with all your followers? It’s time to fulfill your great desire with this fantastic dress-up game series – Instagirls Dress Up. Let your creativity fly free in this gameplay and be your own fashionista now. 

INSTAGIRLS DRESS UP – Your mission is to design the most stunning outfit for them to wear and compete with other girls. 

Instagirls Dress Up is an excellent fashion game that will fulfill your love with the Instagram app. Every girl wants to look beautiful and be their own beauty guru that can dress themselves up with many cute clothes. This time you will get chances to turn yourself in your own master of beauty and help other girls to transform themselves into an Instagram star. Your missions are to design the most stunning outfit for them to wear and compete with other girls. 

It’s time to let your creativity run wild and make them shine. You will start by choosing their outfits and then their hairstyles. Make sure you will match all the items together and bring out their most attractive appearances. Once you finishing creates the look, you will need to take them to the photoshoot. You need to post them on the Instagram app, and let’s see who will be the best Instagirls. 

INSTAGIRLS – HALLOWEEN DRESS UP – The game theme is based on Halloween. 

In the game, you have a wardrobe filled with amazing Halloween costumes. It’s necessary for you to complete each task that is given to you. For example, find a customer’s item. 

Fifteen costumes are available to find. When you complete each outfit, remember to take a picture. At the game’s beginning, it’s possible for you to choose your favorite girl to try on the outfits.