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Why do French women strongly influence world fashion trends? (Part 2)

Influential French beauties By the twentieth century, the pattern of French women appeared better thanks to the presence of influential beauties, including designer Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel has removed many rigid standards such as using corset in women’s costumes, ladies should not wear pants like men … Besides, she created many fashion trends that are… Read More »

Why do French women strongly influence world fashion trends?

“Dressing as beautiful as French women” is one of the most searched keywords by fashion and beauty followers. Why are French women so influential? The youngest daughter tycoon Huawei: Already beautiful and Harvard school reputation, love to write code no less ballet and fashion Diem My 9X first revealed her “Stylist” special to help her… Read More »

The fashions fashion followers in the world

Iris Apfel Iris Apfel is one of the oldest fashion followers in the world. For her, age is just a number and it doesn’t affect the choice of clothes much. She often selects oversized jackets, big accessories, and glasses with round eyes. Linda Rodin Linda Rodin is currently president of Rodin Olio Russo. This is… Read More »

Looking through the best street style series Spring-Summer Week 2019

The rise of femininity or dazzling neon colors has been shown throughout the street style of Spring-Summer season 2019. Neon lights appear in every corner Born from the 30s with a primitive application of colorful lights, neon colors (also called fluorescent colors or reflective colors) are bright colors. These colors are extremely eye-catching and dominating,… Read More »

5 fashionista the most influential world in 2019

Aimee Song Aimee Song has a unique and elegant color fashion style. Her Instagram page attracts over 5 million followers worldwide. She pursued fashion since she was a student specializing in interior design. Aimee Song is increasingly popular. She is becoming the fashion icon through with improvisation and originality. Chiara Ferragni Chiara Ferragni is the… Read More »