Does elegant fashion style help you be more successful in your career?

By | March 24, 2019

Is an elegant fashion style a factor that influences your success? The answer has been proven through psychological experiments.

There is a fact that office fashion style affects your ability to achieve success. People often judge others by looks, especially the way they dress. Therefore, clothing has a significant influence on how others feel about you and how they treat you.


We cannot judge the quality of work based solely on appearance. However, in fact, people often rely on this factor to identify, in general, someone’s capacity or status. Fashion has a strong influence on other people. It can change their behavior towards you.

Most people often see fashion style as a mirror that reflects a part of a person’s personality and status. Lauren Messiah, a famous personal stylist, who currently running a private fashion business, said: “I still remember it was the day I went to see my partner for work. Surprisingly, they insisted on meeting their superiors because they mistook me for an assistant, so they were not competent to negotiate contract terms. From that day on, I immediately added to my wardrobe the elegant and luxurious clothes such as vests, shirts, etc. Although I am a lover of stylish street fashion, mineral and dynamic, I cannot deny that we should change to suit different working environment. Fashion is not only what you see on the catwalks, but also the life around us.

In fact, fashion style has the ability to manipulate your intuition and psychology. Psychological terminology describes the influence of fashion style on the psychological transformation of wearers known as “obscured awareness”. According to the results of the study on the office staff of scientists at Columbia and the University of California, when wearing formal, elegant suits, the target group tends to increase capacity and abstract thinking.