How to dress for winter weather (part 3)

By | December 31, 2019

6. Keep the Head Warm

During cold days, quite a bit of the head of the body can be lost when you do not protect your head.

Thus, a hat is crucial when the temperatures become low.

Consider this as one opportunity to buy one hat that you know you will desire to wear, and that should flatter not only your looks but also your face shape.

One great option for this cold weather is one quality faux fur trapper, which you can keep for many years ahead. It will be trendy for the winter as well as keeping you warm.

Another chic choice is one wool wide brim hat. This one will keep the face free, and the wool hat will keep the head warm.

7. Belt and Drape

Create dramatic shapes as well as flow by selecting one draped cardigan or wrap.

This extra material is an excellent choice for keeping you warm as well as allowing you to feel as if you are wrapped in one toasty blanket.

Yet, to keep it closed, you should either select a belted cardigan or choose one coordinating or contrasting belt.

For example, you can recreate your look with a turtleneck top, belt, plaid cardigan, jeans, as well as booties.

Combine the draped top with leggings, a sweater dress, or slim leg pants to create a silhouette that is not overly bulky on the bottom and top.

8. The Statement Scarf

Scarves are considered a must-have in winter and provide an opportunity for adding color to one dark look.

They can either be regular sized or oversized pieces, yet they usually have various textures and/or deliver bright prints and colors.

Do you have a dark and/or plain appearance? Then, consider one statement scarf for a far higher impact look.