How to dress for winter weather (part 4)

By | January 17, 2020

9. Place One Cape (Or Poncho) On It

Do you want a style tip? If you do, ponchos or capes are always the perfect options when you desire a chic and dramatic piece that requires little to no effort.

From leggings, jeans to dresses, one cape is an excellent way of pulling an appearance together while still making you warm.

Go for prints for unique special appearances that are a departure from the classic cape styles.

Also, pay attention to proportions as you style your cape. For a lot of body shapes, ensuring the bottom is leaner as well as being less bulky is the secret key to pulling off this look.

For example, you can count on a poncho worn with one dress in the same shade. Also, wear knee-high boots.

10. Gloves Are All You Need 

Are you looking for another style tip and tricks? Then, long gloves should be the perfect opportunity for anyone to put on shorter sleeve coats as well as jackets.

You should not feel confined to putting on only black pairs; rely on some hue that will not only blend in but also bring life to your appearance.

Do you want an example? You can select a soft brown to have a mix and match with your boots of a similar shade as well as complimenting your coat. Consider plaid coat options. On top of that, complete your look with the same leather gloves, pants, v-neck top, booties, as well as the hat.

In the bottom line

Which of these outfits for winter weather would you wear? Do you know how to stay both warm and stylish during the cold months? What other tips and tricks do you have? We love to hear from you. If you have any other inquiries, et us know.