Jil Sander officially goes with UNIQLO in the Fall 2020 collection

By | August 27, 2020

This fall, UNIQLO and designer Jil Sander will work together to write a new chapter on the + J collection that first debuted nine years ago.

The year 2020 marks the reunion between famous designer Jil Sander and Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO. 11 years ago, Jil Sander launched the first collection in collaboration with UNIQLO called Open the Future. In 2011, the cooperation between Jil Sander and the UNIQLO + J product line stopped making fans regret. This fall, a sequel to the + J collection will be introduced to the grave with a lot of new to look forward to.

Jil Sander is a German fashion designer. She founded her own fashion brand JIL SANDER in 1968. She was awarded the title Queen of minimalism for bringing a new look to the style that is associated with basic items.

Inspired by minimalism, the + J Fall 2020 collection includes impressive and versatile designs for both men and women. The signature modern style and minimalism were brought back to Jil Sander + J collection. It is the answer to the changes in fashion consumer demand following the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. When minimalism takes the throne, streamlined designs, high applications and long service life are the top priority choices.

Further details about this collection remain unknown. However, fans who knew of the first + J collection can look forward to a return of everyday wardrobe designs such as boxy jackets, white shirts, etc.

According to Jil Sander, costumes are created to serve everyday life and help the wearer feel more comfortable and more confident. Therefore, in the design process, Jil Sander always uses the ability to observe, adjust the proportions to create the perfect outfit, suitable for a variety of customers. Nature at home Hamburg has a great influence on the thinking and design style of Jil Sander. She understands that materials are the key to a complete design that will last over time.