Looking through the best street style series Spring-Summer Week 2019

By | February 18, 2019

The rise of femininity or dazzling neon colors has been shown throughout the street style of Spring-Summer season 2019.

Neon lights appear in every corner

Born from the 30s with a primitive application of colorful lights, neon colors (also called fluorescent colors or reflective colors) are bright colors. These colors are extremely eye-catching and dominating, such as lemon yellow, green banana, neon pink, etc.

The colors match the spirit of the Spring-Summer season, reminding people of positive emotions such as joy, optimism, personality and energy.

In fact, neon is a cultural trait inherent in London and New York dress fashion. But this season, the colorful street style costumes of this type are dominating over the streets of Milan and Paris.

Wild styles

Leopard skin, zebra and especially python contours are the trend of street style.

Fashionistas like Givenchy, Erdem or Stella McCartney… have created a wildlife garden in the middle of the bustling city. You can see two of the most typical choices: the lavish specks of wild leopard or the dangerous but also elegant snake patterns.

In addition to the familiar suggestions of a jacket or a skirt, the street style this year shows that many fashionistas like to combine animal motifs together.

Looking through the best street style series Spring-Summer Week 2019

Feminist manifesto along menswear

“We Should All Be Feminist” is not just a book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Dior’s famous T-shirt, but has become a style of the female when striding on the street.

Not merely the powerful liberal suits, feminine is also shown through the baggy costumes inspired by workwear or bra detail outside the street style.

Liberating the body with loose tube pants

The kind of baggy pants that covered both the shoes or the shocks were a popular style. They contain moderate charm but are still very comfortable and dynamic.