Louis Vuitton Fall – Winter 2019 Collection

By | April 20, 2019

Various colors, multi-dimensional designs, a little bit of the past and what’s in the future are the outstanding features of the Louis Vuitton Fall – Winter 2019 Fashion Collection.

The collection was exhibited in a different world, Center Pompidou museum. Being famous for its colorful furniture and high-tech architecture, the museum is built by open-air foundations and many glass walls. Built in the old quarter of Paris, Center Pompidou is the inspiration of creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.

Louis Vuitton Fall – Winter 2019 Collection

Inspired by the difference between the virtual and real worlds, Nicolas brought fashion lovers to the fictional world with Spring – Summer 2019 Collection. Then with the new collection, Nicolas led viewers to the real world, but before the Internet appears. Each culture constitutes a typical fashion style, not being in tune like the present. And that’s what Nicolas brings to Louis Vuitton. He shared: “When I was inaugurated, the question is whether customers only go to Louis Vuitton for basic designs?”.

The collection is a mixture of two contradictory inspirations of old-school style and modernity. In the vibrant music scene of the 80s, the model performed a strange mix of different ideas. Classic tweed dress design combined with sparkling towels. The shirts with modern pinch-neck accents on the flower background that you often find familiar in nostalgic fashion style.

The collection contains many modern designs, which are similar to the previous season’s inspiration. Pleated skirt legs, racing leather jackets, high waist jeans, flat-heeled boots or silver-colored jumpsuits. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton also offers a distinctive quilted jacket inspired by Asian culture, pop art silk blouse and two-string party dress with lace accents of the 90s.

The designs range from a healthy street outfit with a racing pattern to a sexy, nostalgic, two-wire dress of the past decade.