Men in suit become trends with these fashion principles

By | August 2, 2020

When men’s fashion becomes richer than ever, people are more aware of the trend but at the same time easily bewildered and confused before too many options. That is why you need to understand the basic rules of male coordination to form the basis of the mix & match game in the long run!

The 15 male coordination principles below have overcome the test of time to prove: their harmonious combination is a safe solution to bring a good and attractive appearance

  1. Standard suit
    A beautiful suit is a suit that fits. If you choose to buy a ready-made suit, prioritize its fit to the front shoulder because if the chest and waist don’t fit, the editing will be simpler – advice from Davide Taub from the brand Gieves & Hawkes. Opting for the best men’s wear is a classic suit with dark colors, 2 buttons (two-button), 1 row of buttons (single-breast) and not too many details. “That does not mean being boring. Suit is the outward synchronization. On the other hand, consider the suit as a canvas that each person freely sketches out the individualized ideas inside. An impressive suit is not in the brand itself, but in the way people put it on. ”
  2. Coordinate men’s wear with watches
    “A wristwatch is like a work of art,” says Don Cochrane, executive director of the Vertex watch brand. Consider aesthetics, functionality, durability and flexibility with everyday clothing. But above all, it must be a watch that fits you. It also needs to be comfortable in the right size for your wrist – 40mm is considered the ‘golden size’.
  3. Don’t be afraid of colors
    Be more generous with the colors in the male outfit. “Most men have an irrational fear of color – they get nervous because the clothes are not gray or navy,” said menswear designer Oliver Spencer. “But colors are an endless treasure.” For example, a green suit is eye-catching and suitable for summer weather. Spencer also recommends pink, green, mustard and light blue to give you the flexibility to wear year-round shades and enhance your overall outfit.