3 fashion trends stir up Coachella festival 2019

For more than a week, Coachella festival makes the city of Indio come alive with the landing of many stars and fashionista in the world. The participation of famous bloggers like Aimee Song, Camila Coelho, Pony, etc. increases the attraction for this year’s Coachella festival. In addition to the boho-chic style of “dominating” the mixes,… Read More »

Louis Vuitton Fall – Winter 2019 Collection

Various colors, multi-dimensional designs, a little bit of the past and what’s in the future are the outstanding features of the Louis Vuitton Fall – Winter 2019 Fashion Collection. The collection was exhibited in a different world, Center Pompidou museum. Being famous for its colorful furniture and high-tech architecture, the museum is built by open-air… Read More »

Does elegant fashion style help you be more successful in your career?

Is an elegant fashion style a factor that influences your success? The answer has been proven through psychological experiments. There is a fact that office fashion style affects your ability to achieve success. People often judge others by looks, especially the way they dress. Therefore, clothing has a significant influence on how others feel about… Read More »

Why do French women strongly influence world fashion trends? (Part 2)

Influential French beauties By the twentieth century, the pattern of French women appeared better thanks to the presence of influential beauties, including designer Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel has removed many rigid standards such as using corset in women’s costumes, ladies should not wear pants like men … Besides, she created many fashion trends that are… Read More »

Why do French women strongly influence world fashion trends?

“Dressing as beautiful as French women” is one of the most searched keywords by fashion and beauty followers. Why are French women so influential? The youngest daughter tycoon Huawei: Already beautiful and Harvard school reputation, love to write code no less ballet and fashion Diem My 9X first revealed her “Stylist” special to help her… Read More »