Rick Owens: the king of crazy fashion (part 1)

By | November 22, 2020

Rick Owens used to make the model cover her body with white powder and wrap her hair around her neck on the catwalk.

Rick Owens turned new age on November 18. The American fashion house’s nearly three-decade career has made its mark in the fashion world: glamorous, dusty and bizarre. The New Yorker writer John Colapinto recounts a meeting with Rick Owens while he was trying on a model. She frowned when the designer said she was bizarre. Colapinto writes she doesn’t understand the meaning behind. To Owens, bizarre is a compliment.

Fashion lovers often compare designer Rick Owens’ looks to crows: quiet, quiet with long hair, baggy and irregular black outfits, and high-necked leather boots.

Owens’ many shows have caused a stir in the fanatic world because of their strange, madness. In the Spring Summer 2016 show, he forced two models together to honor the strength of women. A year earlier, the model covered her entire body with white powder, wrapping her hair around her neck. In 2014, the fashion village was stunned with the idea of ​​a band hanging upside down in the air. Once, he put dancers on the catwalk instead of a model, dancing and screaming to challenge traditional standards.

The tight designs, asymmetric details, the cut-out lines, the high-necked leather boots and the dark color palette feature Rick Owens style. The international press calls him the lord of the dark because of the dense black and gray frequency through the seasons. Rick Owen’s outfit changes little with the seasons, is a combination of contrasts: light – dark, solid – soft, luxurious – dusty, classic – rebellious. The designer describes his design as “glunge”, which is a compound word between “glamor” and “grunge”.

Under Owens’ creativity, underground street fashion with thorny details has been upgraded to luxury. As a result, Rick Owens has become the favorite brand of many stars with strong personalities.