Sports style in streetwear for men

By | February 3, 2019

Sports fashion is recommended to be inspirational fashion trends this year. Simple items such as bomber jackets, sneakers, solid color sportswear,… will contribute to creating an energetic look for men this year.

Sports trousers with stripes

Men can wear pants with light stripes or light materials such as umbrella, felt or elastic fabric. This type of pants is a mix of sports pants and trousers. Besides the traditional three-striped elastic pants, men have more options. In terms of color, you can choose mix-sur-ton, monochrome or contrast. With this type of pants, choose classic sneakers to match.

Two black-and-white colors are loved and chosen by many fashionistas, but there are also many other colors following the spring-summer fashion trends. The combination of white with any highlight color is reasonable, from red, green to blue or yellow.

Bomber jackets

Sports style in streetwear for men

From the starting point of the costume used in the air force, bomber jackets are increasingly innovated, showing youthful and bold features of modern fashion. With a wide, light but good shape, keeping the fabric smooth and not wrinkled, bomber is the ideal shirt for sports fashion style.

To apply the trend of sports fashion, a suggestion for men is to combine bomber with a plain T-shirt, polo shirt and jogger, plus a pair of stylish classic sneakers. Short bomber jacket is more suitable for t-shirts and pants than shirts and trousers.

Dad sneakers

Dad sneakers The name “dad sneakers” must be enough to say the classic look of these sneakers. They look bunker with tall, bulky upper soles, like the shoes used by fathers in the 1990s. Dad sneakers help men easily coordinate in a variety of sportswear styles like hip-hop, street-walking, practice… It is possible to combine this type of shoe with all types of clothing, not necessarily sportswear.