The art of attracting clients in business skills

By | February 29, 2020

Attracting clients is an art of sales that needs constant learning. Don’t be dumb when you can’t clearly define the criteria: How do you want to be identified? Where is your target customer? How do you want to succeed now and in the future?

 Here are some tips to get your business to attract clients you need to know.

1. Make a difference in products

The best way to keep clients interested in the store is to make a difference in the products you offer, emphasizing the superiority of the product in meeting their needs. Try to create a completely unique and attractive product. However, before launching a new product, consider the profitability and product suitability of the store’s business. Tracking sales of the product will then help you assess the relevance and customer response to the new product.

2. Enhancing advertising and marketing campaigns

Clients always have certain senses and information channels to determine the truthfulness of advertising. Be honest in all your activities, as well as in marketing and advertising materials. For example what casinos do, especially online casinos, they are always looking for ways to promote the websites and game types at their websites, introducing incentives to get clients to visit the website to increase sales. Social media or e-commerce sites now allow you to grow your business better without having to invest too much money. This means that you have another option to do with the same results: focus your marketing efforts on highly viral channels like social networks.

3. Offer the appropriate form of discount

Clients are the key factor in determining the success or failure of a store. In times of current price storm, clients have a lot of choices for a certain product or service. Therefore, discounts are an innovative way to attract more clients and it will also be the basis for a loyal customer base. With KiotViet sales management software, you can create different price lists and promotions to attract clients without fear of confusion and overlap between many sale-off programs.

4. Service attitude of staff

Attitude, service attitude of employees is one of the factors that won clients’ trust easily. Clients’ trust stems from simple things like a smile, a thank you. That small behavior has a great effect in creating a good impression for the customer, especially in the new segment of the business, when clients do not know anything about the store. Therefore, retailers should focus on training salespeople to be cautious in how to communicate with clients, especially for sensitive matters related to money such as overpayment or lack of money.

5. Interact regularly with loyal clients

Retain clients from the first time they come to your store by saving personal information, phone numbers, email, so that each new entry can immediately notify your loyal clients. store. Some sales management software effectively supports customer information storage, an effective tool to help you take care of clients successfully. Certainly, your clients will feel satisfied with the sales skills and attentive and professional service style of each employee.