The best fashion trends from street style Fall – Winter Fashion Week 2019

By | September 29, 2019

Paris Fashion Week has ended the Fall – Winter Fashion Week 2019. Besides the impressive collections on the catwalk, this year’s street fashion has left many striking marks. From unique designer coats or colorful costumes, textured accents to inspirational accessories from the previous decade appear in many new mixes.

These designs oversize

Street style from New York Fashion Week this year, fashionista wear overstated designer coats. The creativity in contours, the size of the shirt on the basic shape of a trend coat, life jacket is a noticeable highlight.

These colorful motifs which have been a trend recently. This season, fashionista wears plaid costumes, animal skins or colorful floral prints. Warm or pastel colors gently on prints that are inspired by vintage fashion create beautiful moments.

Trend of tie-dye and creativity in costume color scheme

The mixing of tones from warm to cool by transforming motifs as well as accessories made the attraction at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Besides, the tie-dye fashion trend has returned strongly, making the street fashion photo more lively and a little nostalgic about the 70s and 80s.

Pretty small accessories

Small accessories are a highlight for street style at New York Fashion Week. Mini pockets, earrings, scratched hairpins or tiny glasses are all “trendy” with many fashionable followers.

The deep colors

Fashion items of the decade no longer appear singly but paired with belts, larger handbags or come in striking colors. If New York Fashion Week has creativity in shape, then in London, layer mixes in muted tones and softness are preferred.

Textured accents

Still the motifs of leather, flowers, lines and monograms but are reduced to emphasize the overall. The combination of tones and neutral colors to create a harmonious and subtle effect is a feature of London Fashion Week.

Streamlined accessories

Accessories favored by fashionista glass pilots. Most are moderately in the use of jewelry, large hairpins and medium-sized bags. An indispensable monochrome blazer, leather boots and pointed-heeled shoes are indispensable on the streets of London.

Promenade of the same color

Colorful Milan streets with green, orange, yellow butter colors … harmonize with the ancient landscape of the Italian capital. Polka dots motifs, sewing bags on costumes or ribbon ties are the dash for fashion styles on the streets of Milan.