The secrets to fashionably combine fashion style (Part 1)

By | August 31, 2019

Are Europeans too important to present fashion in everyday life? Or simply for them is just a combination so that they feel like the best, even when there are no people around to dress like them but importantly they feel confident enough every time they go to the street. What makes them so confident, is it because European fashion styles are different from other regions?

Let’s find out the basic criteria of European fashion style and make a comment for us

About the hair

Originally, girls and boys from heaven had bright blonde hair or silky hair so they were not too picky about taking care of their hair. The simple styles that European people often use are free-flowing and sometimes styled but not focused on changing hair colors.

Probably because they think that God gave them hair like that, they should leave it most natural, if stylized, the boys choose the form of trim to be neat or many guys prefer the style to be horizontal. shoulders for the romantic.

However, girls of Islamic tradition are “disadvantaged” in showing their hair when the regulations here women must cover headscarves, only to expose their faces out, even There are also places to cover the face only to reveal eyes.

Because of that, the hair of Muslim girls is as simple as possible and many people do not know what hair color the other girl because they never see them take their headscarf out of their heads.


Usually, European girls have quite attractive faces because of their white skin, high nose, sharp faces, double eyelids and full lips. Along with the support of the weather when the year-round is mostly cold so the skin of the girls as well as the boys are usually white but have the appearance of age spots, freckles since they were quite young.

However, when makeup, the girls will ignore the focus on skin makeup which often creates accents for more plump lips and focus on the eyes.