The secrets to fashionably combine fashion style (Part 2)

By | September 14, 2019

The eyes are the windows of the soul, so they often bold and create sharp lines to attract all eyes of the opposite person. Besides, the eyebrows are adorned to form blocks and they do not hesitate to appear with a face with many wrinkles as well as freckles but still show their own fashion style.

Meanwhile, the boys look so manly when the beard is neatly trimmed to suit the face.

The most common attraction we recognize most of Europe is the attractive eyes that Asian girls are always immersed in when they meet.


There will be no common standard for Europeans, from the elderly to the young to be quite comfortable in the way they dress. The only must comply with the dress that is of Muslims because customs here oblige them to follow and must strictly follow.

Meanwhile, European fashion style is mainly simple and not too picky. We will see the boys in elegant business attire with shirts, pants and a pair of leather shoes and leather handbags that look elegant or even simply the same shirt that comes with them. strong jeans.

However, in real life, the guys will be active in healthy fashion when lazy shoes, sneakers with simple three-hole shirts or simple T-shirts and colorful shorts. The common point in the dress style of European boys is that they are free, generous and simple. That’s why in the winter, the boys are just compact with a cloak on them but still warm enough even if the weather is below -20 degrees Celsius.

European women often prefer to go down to the gym with energetic athletic shoes or stride on fashionable high heels. Even though we can often meet the rebellious tomboy style of Western girls, they are really attractive because they dare confidently express themselves.

Overall, European fashion styles are quite appealing to people all over the world because of the bold combination of colors and harmonious colors and the confidence they always have.