Top 10 most beautiful men in Hollywood 2018

By | March 15, 2019


Eddie Redmayne’s fashion style is very clear when he appears on the red carpet. Perhaps because he has set fashion rules in his dress, such as the carefully tailored outfits, the classic motifs blend with neutral tones.

In addition, this Oscar-winning actor is also considered to be a gentleman with a beautiful fashion sense not only on the red carpet but also in everyday life. No need to follow the trend, this actor is noticed by fashion critics thanks to the subtleties of his everyday attire. They are very neat, harmonious and proportionate to body proportions. In addition to the red carpet, Eddie Redmayne seems to be immersed in everyday life and always keeps a safe range in fashion but cannot deny that he is very guilty of dress.


One of the interesting things about looking at Pharrell Williams fashion trends is diversity, always impressing the public with his very own dress style. Fashion is Pharrell Williams’ playground, he can appear before events with a formal tailor suit but can also choose a dusty punk rock style. It can only be said that this male singer-rapper’s fashion style is characterized by experience, unstructured and without limits.

Pharrell Williams fashion makes people think of New Romantic in the 70s and 80s from costumes to fashion styles: Self-confidence, comfort, freedom of experience and no need to try too much. That helped this American singer become one of the most beautiful fashion wearers of the year.

If you think those torn jeans won’t fit into big events, Pharrell Williams will make us think again. By keeping the costume symmetrical, harmoniously combining formal, high-class, and street elements, the singer has built a very fashionable and very own image.


David Beckham is seen as a representative of the standards of gentlemen in the world from the style of dress, lifestyle, hairstyle, tattoo and even a solid body … he seems to converge enough elements of a The elegant, attractive man of the British countryside and that is also the reason why this world star has never been absent on the list of the most fashionable men of the year.


In addition to his handsome and romantic appearance, Ryan Gosling also has a “standard” fashion sense as an A-star, always giving off a compulsive gentleman’s charm that naturally looks like he doesn’t have to try too much. What is special is that any man in the world can learn the style of Ryan Gosling, a retro style, classic hipster. Anything he wears can show a strong attraction thanks to his confident, masculine charisma. Therefore, in addition to being hunted by studios, Ryan Gosling is also chosen by high-end brands to “choose the golden face” by his own fashion sense.


In the list of the most fashionable men of the year, Michael Fassbender owns the masculine beauty of an Irish gentleman. Not only on the red carpet, this X-men actor knows how to refine his usual style of dress. For Michael Giorgio Armani, Michael is one of his favorite customers, he said: “I admire his roles. We work together on some red carpet events and I like his fashion sense, which is quite clear. The designer believes that these exquisite suits, classic dark tones, and tie will accentuate his classic and mysterious charm.