Top 3 most unique school uniforms in the world

By | April 6, 2019

Below are the Top 3 most unique school uniform samples in the world. Let’s check out!

1. Japanese school uniform

Japanese school uniforms are still the most unique student costumes in the world today. Many famous fashion designers in the world are inspired by this impressive student fashion in Japan.

The most famous and unique student outfit in Japan is a sailor-style uniform. This design appeared in 1920. The collar part is impressively designed according to the style of the sailors with blue and white lines. The string is naturally dropped or tied into a cute bow. The sailor-style uniform shirt combined with the knee-length skirt has become the image one thinks of when it comes to Korean girls.

Top 3 most unique school uniforms in the world

The school uniforms for Japanese boys are white shirts with elegant cravats and dark blue blazer.

2. Korean school uniforms

Korean school uniforms are well known and recognized throughout the world through Korean idol films. The uniform is stylized from the combination of Eastern and Western culture. The uniform of Korean students includes vests with stylized collars and sleeve motifs, characteristic vests.

For girls, uniform vests combine with white shirts, bow ties and short pleated skirts on pillows. For male students, the vests combine with casual pants and cravat.

3. Spanish school uniform

The characteristic of the Spanish school uniform is a short-sleeved shirt with a traditional pleated skirt. A special feature of this uniform is that the length of the is short and the color of the pleated skirt is no other than the traditional red. The reddish-brown sweater design helps to create a unique character for the Spanish school uniform.

Above are the top unique sets of school uniforms, which are very harmonious in color and sophistication in every detail.