Top 7 most famous leather belt brands in the world (part 1)

By | July 13, 2019

Along with clothing, high quality leather belts are one of the important factors that give you your own style and confidence when communicating. Join Toplist to list the most famous leather belt brands in the world for you to make your own choices.

1. Montblanc

Montblanc brand was founded in 1908 in Schanzen district in Hamburg city of Germany. The brand is recognized by the circular six-star star image in the logo. When referring to Montblanc, most of us relate to the beauty of high-class products from Europe. The products of this brand range from watches, perfume, handbags, … especially belts that are highly appreciated with youthful, dynamic, elegant and noble style.

Montblanc leather belts are made of 100% real high quality cowhide material, lumpy leather has high durability, flexible, good elasticity. In addition, this high-grade leather is also waterproof, not dust-free, without cracking, withstands agents from the outside environment, ensuring long-term customer service. You can easily combine the belt with different costumes, will definitely create a unique style that makes you satisfied.

2. Hermes

The premium Hermes leather belt is a famous fashion company in France founded in 1837 world-famous with brand belts. Unlike Montblanc brand, Hermes has always focused on manufacturing in large quantities to meet the maximum consumer demand when bringing a new model into the market. That has made this brand very popular and familiar. The design revolves around the H-shape to create a highlight for good identification from customers.

Many people often conceive that Hermes leather belts are made for successful businessmen or rich and famous people in the world. With sophisticated design but no less luxurious and modern, Hermes leather belts always create strong attraction with fashion followers because of the toughness, softness, color stability and class. You can easily see the H-shaped straps that appear at major events or on famous streets.