Why do French women strongly influence world fashion trends?

By | March 24, 2019
Vì sao phụ nữ Pháp lại ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ đến xu hướng thời trang thế giới?

“Dressing as beautiful as French women” is one of the most searched keywords by fashion and beauty followers. Why are French women so influential?

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French women contributed significantly to the development of fashion capitals.

King Louis XIV marks the beginning of fashion but Coco Chanel is the most memorable symbol. She is also the representative of the ladies who always pioneered and spread fashion trends around the world.

Vì sao phụ nữ Pháp lại ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ đến xu hướng thời trang thế giới? - Ảnh 1.

Designer Coco Chanel, a French woman with great influence on the global fashion and beauty industry. Although the pulp has passed away, what Coco created is still the trend of never beating the rhythm until today. Photo: VF

Images of French women under the media prism

French fashion has a history of development lasting hundreds of years, starting from the time of King Louis XIV. However, until the media publications appeared, the style of the French lady was noticed by the world.

In 1892, Vogue released the first edition. This magazine is only for the elite of the United States but regularly updates trends from Europe, especially France.

At that time, watching what French women do, how to wear clothes is considered to be fashionable.

Even the public smoking habits of ladies are described in the most beautiful words. Or as an assessment of trends, readers will agree on an unkind hairstyle if the French say so.

Vì sao phụ nữ Pháp lại ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ đến xu hướng thời trang thế giới? - Ảnh 2.

Brigitte Bardot’s “sex bomb” always appears with a cigarette in her hand. Photo: Gettyimages

Also from here, beautiful rules like French women appear and spread.

In an article in 1910, Vogue wrote: “A fashionable French woman who has an always young appearance and an age-old beauty, she can preserve youthfulness in a very long time.”

This judgment is still popular in modernity, making us curious about the lives of ladies.